About SportLife

SportLife Brands was founded in 1967. 

Now 40 years later, the company is run by second generation family executives who grew up learning their craft from their industry pioneering parents. As with any evolving business, we have expanded our factory base and added new product lines.

From the start of our careers in the apparel business, we have been working with major retailers and brands. Our keen understanding of the manufacturing cycle and deep relationships with our manufacturing partners give us the ability to consistently delivery premium products at the very best prices.

Best Regards,

Michael Kassin 


Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on making a quality garment. Since our inception, we have been sourcing and delivering top of class quality product to retailers around the world. We ensure all factories and offices are social compliance with our standards, so that we can ensure we bring you the best product at the best prices with the most integrity.

Why SportLife?

SportLife Brands offers unique brands and merchandising concepts. With a strong focus on Performance Wear, Active Wear, Intimates, Underwear, Sleepwear and Loungewear, our proven track record of success has made us the favored choice for our retail partners. We ship our products under Character licenses, Retailer brands and licensed brands. 

SportLife Brands is a premier licensee and manufacture of underwear, sleepwear and activewear for major retailers in North America, Asia and Europe.