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SportLife moved!

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SportLife moved!

We are excited to announce that SportLife Brands has moved it's Headquarters to a new State of the Art Office. The new location houses our Design, Merchandise, Sales, Production, Finance, Licensing, Showroom and Executive Offices. 

We look forward to seeing you in our new location.

42 West 39th Street, 13th Floor


About SportLife

SportLife was founded in 1967, on the basic premise that if we make good quality product, treat customers properly, offer a fair price and consistently deliver on-time, we will build a long lasting, sustainable business model. 

With more than 40 years of experience in global production, sourcing and logistics, SportLife is known worldwide as a premier organization with a reputation for innovation, speed, efficiency and quality. 

Now four decades later, we continue to thrive. The company is managed by seasoned  executives, each are masters in their fields; Sales, Sourcing, Production, Finance, Licensing and Mergers/Acquisitions. As with any evolving business, we have updated our technology, expanded our factory base and added new related product lines to ensure we stay on the cutting edge. 

Our long standing relationships with our manufacturing partners, our keen understanding of the Production cycle, our knowledge of  retail replenishment; give us the ability to consistently delivery premium products, on time and help you maximize your retail sales. 

Best Regards,

Elie Levy | CEO

Mission Statement



SportLife Brands offers unique brands and merchandising concepts. With a strong focus on Performance Wear, Active Wear, Intimates, Underwear, Sleepwear and Loungewear, our proven track record of success has made us the favored choice for our retail partners. We ship our products under Character licenses, Retailer brands and licensed brands. 

SportLife Brands is a premier licensee and manufacture of underwear, sleepwear and activewear for major retailers in North America, Asia and Europe.  

We pride ourselves on making a quality garment. Since our inception, we have been sourcing and delivering top of class quality product to retailers around the world. We ensure all factories and offices are social compliance with our standards, so that we can ensure we bring you the best product at the best prices with the most integrity.

Why SportLife?


Sportlife provides the best in innovative, end-to-end solutions that help to “make, move and enable” our world-renowned brands.

Development, Production and Sourcing

Our teams strategically source and develop intimates, shape-wear, sleepwear, loungewear and related products that create an sensational connection and brand loyalty with our customers.  In-house technical experts ensure designs can be produced efficiently and with a critical focus on quality assurance, social and global compliance and R&D – adding value to our supply chain and enhancing our competitive advantage.


Our logistics team is focused on delivering a scalable global supply chain solutions that go beyond basic transportation, warehousing and distribution. We stay engaged at the forefront of global logistics practices to continually accelerate our speed to market. Proven experience in customs and country of origin requirements helps ensure smooth transport of finished products from points all over the world


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Shape Wear








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